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Personal/Random: An Exercise in "Personal Archaeology"

Feeling lots better today. It's a wonderful feeling, when you've been sick, to feel your body returning to normal over a relatively short period of time, like you can see yourself just being magically restored. I've been doing a little work in the apartment, taking care of some cleaning and some storage issues, and I have just found a bit of a surprise.

I always enjoy a moment of "personal archaeology," where you open some old box (or most often, in my case, do a long-delayed cleaning of my ever-swelling wallet) and find little mementos of some earlier adventures, even just in the form of receipts that suddenly let you recall some other time. In this case, I just found, tucked in a box, my old fannypack that I used to use in the summers when I was wearing shorts and didn't have so much in the way of pockets. It seems pretty clear that I've not opened this since the summer of 1999, as I found therein:
Two Saint Joseph's High School Faculty IDs: 1997-98 – short hair, goatee, Oxford and tie; 1998-99 – longish hair, clean-shaven, t-shirt

A $10 gift certificate to the Notre Dame Bookstore on behalf of the senior class. (Whoops! I'll have to try to use that this fall at the Ethics and Culture conference)

Card with Phoenix address of Rev. Joseph F. O'Donnell, CSC (who rocks)

Receipt from Michael's arts and crafts store for the custom framing of my poster print of Botticelli's Venus and Mars, 11 July 1999.

Note on turning in my grades for the first summer school session of 1999.

A Patient Consent for Treatment form at Saint Joseph's Regional Medical Center from 1:55am, 3 July 3 1999, which must have been the night I caught the fragment of metal in my pupil while biking home from an evening at Erik's up at Notre Dame. (That really sucked, with much suckage.)

A ticket stub from the 9:50pm showing on 8 August 1999 at Showplace 16 of The Blair Witch Project, which Jen Sushinsky and I had no intention of seeing but were actively lied to by Erik, Mark and J.P. as to our destination. Scared loopy, we made the guys drop us off so that we could walk home after midnight through the woods at Notre Dame, so that we could try to recover our real sense of enjoying being outdoors at night. That was a terrifying walk home, 'tho one where we kept laughing at how freaked we were....

The "Perfect Skpping Stone" that Joe and I found in Grandma Sweeney's driveway when we were kids, and which had been saved for the perfect stone-skipping opportunity. Or has been saved, I guess I should say, knowing full well that after two decades of buildup, I would inevitably bobble it....

A sheet of paper with Angie DeWeese's email address on it, in her distinctive handwriting, probably from when I visited her and Chad earlier that summer.

Several loose 1 dinar coins from Tunisia, from that April.

A receipt for two hot dog combos from the Detroit airport 12 August 1999, when Jen and I were flying out to stay at her folks' for a week

An August 20 receipt for a new application for a driver's license (where I took my worst photo ever, which Mark described, laughing, as "You look like a drug dealer! You know: the guy who drives the van and who gets shot!" Mark stopped laughing when he found out he'd failed his written exam.)

An August 9 receipt from checking out Forget Paris and Annie Hall from the South Bend Public Library.

And a $50 bill from the downtown South Bend Macri's Deli on 14 July 99: I wonder who made up the party....
Anyway, I love it when I find stuff like this and these little details spring to memory. And having typed that up for my amusement now, I can throw all this away and surprise myself with these memories some years into the future when I trip across this entry again. The gift that keeps on giving!
Tags: friends-niu era, friends-notre dame era, old stories, personal, quotations, random, saint joseph's high school, travel

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