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Personal: J.P. and Sheila's wedding album preview posted

Fabulous! The album preview of J.P. and Sheila's wedding album from the sehr talented Image Source photography studio of David Mason is now online! I really like this guy's eye for not only a good photograph, but also for his layout talents: I think they're attractive and are going to give a vision of real beauty for Japes and Sheila as the vision of the photographer becomes over time increasingly their own vision of their wedding experience.

On a purely self-absorbed and irrelevant note, however, I kept cringing at my crooked bowtie: the strap was mis-sewn into a Möbius Strip, the net effect of which was to have my tie keep trying to turn to the vertical. So I'm the one who looks like he's been drinking through the whole affair. How much would it cost to Photoshop that straight...?
Tags: art, beauty, friends-notre dame era, personal, photography, travel

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