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Personal: Remembering Geneva and the Nicods

As I was walking from one room to another in my too-hot apartment on this otherwise perfect July evening in Milwaukee, I happened to once again recall my journey of a year ago. Then I realized that one year ago tonight I was enjoying a perfect Geneva evening, not unlike the perfect Milwaukee evening I just walked home from the library through. But in Geneva, I had been sitting by Lake Geneva and then ended up in the heart of the city, having an hours-long, great conversation with the magnificent Nicod sisters, Isabel and Cristina. (I'm an historian: I tend to think of such things in terms of "a year ago," "five years ago, "ten years ago." Sue me.)

I had gotten a brief email from Crisi a few months ago, and though we really haven't kept in touch (which is certainly understandable), I did take tonight's occasion to drop the two of them a small update. I'm going to see Erik in a few weeks, so maybe I can get an update out of them to surprise him with some details.

I am rather fond of this travelogue, after all that we squeezed into the journey, and the effort I put into writing it up. I tried the other night to make a "tidier" version of my trip journal, since Live Journal puts the most recent entries at the top and therefore all my entries go in backwards chapters, as it were. I thought it would be good to have a one-entry version that could be read from top to bottom (or printed out that way for my computer-phobic Dad, which I've been meaning to do), but it turns out that that was too large an entry, which I should have remembered.

So the best I can do for something like that is to just print a "table of contents" set of links, I figure:
EDIT:And I finally really finished all these entries by finally substituting the non-functional movie links from my Photo Gallery (never could make that work) and putting in YouTube versions. So now the whole thing is really there....

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