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Personal: Spring 2007 Teaching Evaluations

My student evaluations came out, and I forgot to mention that earlier. I knew they weren't as good as I'd expect back in the Fall semester after I panicked the students with a too-long Midterm exam and they stayed antsy after that, despite my explicit overcompensations. I hadn't been too excited about opening those, so Julie had come over and we made an event of it with much wine, talk and laughing. So I had brought my new evals with me on Thursday to open with her. She got a laugh out of that when I pulled them out of my bag, but as we got caught up in our conversation, we forgot about them and I only opened them when I got home that evening, before I headed out with Ben.

4.6 and 4.8 out of a 5-point scale on the main question about my teaching contribution. Much more satisfactory!
Tags: marquette, personal, students, teaching

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