Novak (novak) wrote,

Personal/Musical: The Beach Boys at Rockford's Metro Center

Out at the Metro Center in Rockford, with Lisa Bader, having driven up for the Beach Boys' "Sunkist 25th Anniversary Tour" show. A great show, with not-so-great seats, we made our way from the back around to the right side of the stage (as view from the audience, that is), where we could see a lot better. Beach balls bouncing around the crowd with abandon, it was easy to join into the general dancing of the crowd as classic after classic poured forth. Afterwards, we made an abortive attempt to find the "Lazers" club that would let in under-agers, but neither of us quite knew where it was. Having just finished my junior year of high school and not knowing any better, we grabbed food at McDonalds before driving home, talking through the night as we went down the east side of the river. The setlist went something like:

01. Good Vibrations
02. Getcha Back
03. Sloop John B.
04. Darlin
05. Dance Dance Dance
06. Wouldn't It Be Nice
07. God Only Knows
08. In My Room
09. Come & Go With Me
10. Do It Again
11. 409
12. Little GTO
13. Little Old Lady From Pasadena
14. Little Deuce Coupe
15. Hey Little Cobra
16. Shut Down
17. I Get Around
18. Surfer Girl
19. Heaven
20. California Dreamin
21. Help Me Rhonda
22. California Girls
23. Be True To Your School
24. Surfin Safari
25. Hawaii
26. Catch A Wave
27. Surf City
28. Surfin USA

29. Rock And Roll To The Rescue
30. Rock And Roll Music
31. Barbara Ann
32. Fun Fun Fun

Writing from July 2007, where this show came to mind and I went looking for any kind of record of it....
Tags: friends-oregon era, musical, oregon illinois, personal, setlists

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