Novak (novak) wrote,

Personal/Musical: Writing Outside at Joan of Arc; Old and New Over The Rhine

I love these summer afternoons/evenings at Marquette. I've been sitting out here in the Courtyard of the Fountain, in front of the Chapel of Joan of Arc, soaking in the sun and the Chapel's simple medieval beauty as I write some more on the dissertation. I have finally gotten a reasonably-priced replacement battery for my laptop at auction on eBay, so I now have some hours of power for writing rather than the 10 minutes my old battery could provide before giving up the ghost. I'm just out of range of Memorial Library's wi-fi, so I'll upload this note later, when I get home.

So, powered up, I'm now getting sun and wind here next to the rose bushes (just clipped back, so a little barren-looking) and the gurgle of the fountain – a medieval baptism fount put to new use. As they are almost every evening during the summers, the Indian and/or Pakistani grad students (I hope it's both!) are playing cricket like the meaning of the universe is to be found in its rhythms. Francis Sullivan is talking about the inculturation of the Church in the section of interviews I'm writing up at the moment, and I've gotten two ideas for possible research articles just in the last paragraph. Tourists pass by occasionally, rightly disappointed that the Chapel isn't open this late. One fellow just hopefully used the iron ring on one of the doors as a knocker, which I've never seen done before.

I picked up my mail on the way out of the Ardmore, delighted to see that my order for a replacement copy of my missing The Cutting Room Floor had come in from faves Over The Rhine, who, as ever, I here tout as the most beautiful songwriters I know working today. I confess that at first I thought it was my pre-ordered, autographed copy of their newest studio CDThe Trumpet Child. It took me a minute to realize that that wasn't to be released until August 21st, and that I'd ordered this replacement copy of The Cutting Room Floor. It took me several more minutes to realize that the CD that I actually needed to replace was their Changes Come. Oh, well. Someone gets an (opened) gift.... But really, I should just be paying attention to the music of Fr. Sullivan's voice right now, anyway....

Saturday, 14 July 2007, 6:25pm
Tags: dissertation, francis a. sullivan s.j., marquette, musical, over the rhine, personal, writing

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