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Theology Notebook

At the library, supposedly grading. Augustine's on my case again.

Adam and Eve

A curious conversation
Hesitant jubilation
A dangerous allegation
A rhyme
Too much rain has come and gone
She wonders aloud what went wrong
The argument went much too long
It's time

"And I wonder where she's going"
I said to the machine
The mountains in New York are not that tall
She wants to rise above
All the feelings that she's felt
She want to find some place to see it all

Some sought-for information
A dime-store investigation
An ounce of medication
A crime
Now he sinks when once he soared
He threw his life raft overboard
His apple pie has just been cored
It's time

And the doctor said, "Just swallow.
Let your problems float away."
The expressway way out here is paved with nails
And he feels that he is lost
He can't even find himself
He'd sail into the sunset if he had sails

A naive protestation
Serpentine confrontation
A divine proclamation
A shoe
What is empty must be filled
The conversation's just been killed
We're sometimes shocked and sometimes thrilled
It's true

"And I wonder who she's talking to
When I'm alone with you.
We argue whether sugar is something sweet."
And he thinks that she should be there
But he forgot to ask
She's not sure what's the trick and what's the treat.

A need for contemplation
Enemy occupation
A speedy supplication
A clue
He walks over next to her
And the judges, well, they all concur
The 'Exit' signs all say 'Enter'
It's true

And we want to file for something
Just show us a form
The bottom line is the top thing on our list
And the story that I've told
Doesn't seem so long ago
The end is the beginning, if you get my gist.

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