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I've had to smile at hearing from an old friend. I dated Jenny when I was an undergraduate: full of drama and me being very young and stupid. We've gotten back in touch after nine years, as I've been trying to arrange a bit of reunion of people from college--which I completely have neglected working on the last few weeks. Yikes!

What's great about this girl is that even after a decade, happily married and far down the path of her own life, she still has the energy and love to light up the people around her, even an old, distant acquaintance like me. People like that are Quality.

What I really had to smile and laugh at, though, was even getting into an ongoing email debate with her about, well, take a look. These bits of excerpts from letters struck me as pretty funny. Her first, after I'd complimented her on making a big "life decision"....

my dear, beautiful-blue-eyed-cutie-pie,
if you remember correctly...
is somewhat of a middle name for me

actually, maybe you didn't know that? Well, now you do! Either way, thanksverymuch for the VERY lovely compliment

And thank you! And they're green. :-)


if "they're green," then they're only green SOMETIMES....they must just be the pretty kind that change colors.
look, doofus, I was the ONE was shall we say, "staring into them all the time."

so now that my pride is completely gone, i really must go dahling

luv luv luv you

Huh. How can you say "bullshit" to a simple question of fact? Green. Always been green. Green, green, green. Like deep moss. As in "moss-green." :-)

dear non-deep-moss-green-eyes-guy,
your determination of this statement about ALWAYS having green eyes means that my memories of you are completely distorted - life is over completely, blaaaah blaaaah blaaaaah blaaaaah
luv luv luv U
ps your eyes are completely hazel and; therefore, look like they are turquoise

And of course our memories are completely distorted! Don't you think we tend to completely idealize or villainize the people in our memories? You probably don't remember me having this big Jewish nose, either.... :-)
And hazel?? As in "the reddish brown of the ripe hazel nut"-hazel?! Go back to sleep!

your eyes change color with what you wear - green AND blue
and, yes I do remember your nose -'re not JEWISH...hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
stop being a boob

Ps. "Completely villanize" and "Completely
That's a bit exaggerated, hmm?

Eh, I just think memory tends to exaggerate: and yes, I'm 1/4 Czech Jew, as it turns out, and that's where that facial feature comes from. I didn't know that for sure when I knew you, but we've confirmed more family history since then. My grandfather tried to bury all that after the war.

But I tell ya, I've *never* seen my eyes go blue! :-)


And so it goes....

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