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Personal: Trocadero

Jen took me over to a place last night that I'd heard about from Diane, but had still never gone into: the Trocadero, over by the west end of Brady Street. She was dead-on in her recommendation of their really quite remarkable fish fry (I mean, especially for a fish fry!), and in this way catered with a grin to that least-important of Catholic practices. A rogue raccoon ran along the outside window giving me a start at one point, but otherwise nothing could interrupt our conversation, tucked against the wall at a little table for two. Nothing, I suppose, but our chatty waitress, but it was all good. Lingering over Frangelico shots and Bailey's, well, it was all more perfect than good to be in the company of this lovely woman. (Alright, alright... no comments from the peanut gallery!)
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