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Theology Notebook: More on Marxsen and the Resurrection

Still working on this Marxsen resurrection business. Finding out that it, along with Bultmann's work, all seem to have their roots (like some of Rahner) in Heidegger's existentialism. Marxsen stresses that it is the personal appropriation of the resurrection for the individual that is important--that that is the miracle. Now I don't in the least deny that the resurrection is something that the individual has to incorporate into their lives: that we connect to Christ in a personal way. But I can't see that you can have this without an empty tomb and without the reality of the personal appearances. In other words, I don't know how the resurrection can be "personal" without being an "impersonal," objective fact regardless of your personal response. Otherwise it seems to me is that all you have is fantasy: psychological projection of the sort Feuerbach accused Christianity.

Tags: christology, philosophical, rahner, resurrection, theological notebook

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