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Personal: Haley at Three

Haley turns three today. This past weekend, at the dual birthday party for her and Grace, more than once as she and I were playing and I off-handedly said something about her being three years old, she would immediately get very serious – almost grave – and correct me with a matter-of-fact, "No. I'm only two." The effect was hysterical. And my inner historian loved her precision. It was fun to see that her fabulous smile hadn't been too damaged by the injury she did to her teeth back around Christmastime, which Dad remarked to me as well. So I'm off to try to coax her onto the phone – she and Grace are oddly shy of talking on the phone: we'll see how long that lasts – and see if I can get her to say a few words now that she's really three.

Tags: family, haley, personal, photography

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