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I'm cleaning my apartment--at long last!--and just made the discovery of the only written copy of a long-lost song of mine! Now, when I write, I tend to think of the songs as "A songs" or "B songs." "A songs" are the ones that really work--the A-side songs, the singles, the hits. "B songs" are the ones that, well, they're okay, but probably don't have the universal appeal you wanted, or they're a bit uninspired by comparison, or something just flat-out doesn't work. Sometimes I'm not sure whether a song is an "A song" or a "B song," and I just have to sit with it for a while to find out. Usually, I don't need help to figure it out.

This is song that I thought was an "A song" that turned out to be a "Z song."

I was trying to write a kind of a love song about a woman who threw herself into love with abandon. My guitarist friend Mark totally got it and loved it. He was the first to hear it, and I felt good. But perhaps you need to understand something to get what follows. The chorus (and title) of the song were the words, "She Loves Like A Girl."

My keyboardist friend PJ listened to it and simply stated, "That sounds like an anthem to pedophilia." And this song was never played again.

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