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Personal: Meg, Untaken Photographs, Missing Book

Poor Meg! I just came back from walking over to Meg Rothbart's barren apartment, where she is in the final stages of cleaning up prior to moving out tomorrow. Her only-child, somewhat spoiled roommate moved out to the East Side and left her to do this alone while she went clubbing and such over the last two nights. Meg thinks it fortunate she likes the roommate so much as a friend, and thus won't actually kill her. So, I picked up the books and magazine's I'd loaned her for her Finals Week paper on Catholicism and Race in Milwaukee, and we said some farewell words and checked in about when she'd be back in town during the summer.

I regretted not having my camera, because I've been friends with this girl since she first randomly contacted me as a high school student wanting to know about Catholicism at Marquette (she was utterly unchurched and charmingly scared of the terrors of a Catholic School), but Meg was happy I didn't have my camera as she was very much in work mode. I just feel dorkish having been friends with someone for four years and having no photos together – like I had with Tony the other night, because I think all our photographs together are Kari-Shane's photos, and I was just used to seeing those at her place.

And I found that my missing book was not among the texts I loaned her. I am missing the priniciple text – along with the bulk of the notes I've taken – for my dissertation's second chapter. I have been looking with increasing franticness for Sullivan's Charisms and Charismatic Renewal for about four days now, and am now getting to the truly desperate places wherein I may have lost a book, having inquired today about: Dan and Amy's bathroom, Starbuck's, and Meg's Apartment. I never lose books. But I did take a two-and-a-half hour break today to join Dan & Amy and Mike & Donna over at the Zoo, where I got in as the guest on Dan and Amy's pass for the Members-Only evening to see the new displays on Sharks and Stingrays, and on the visiting Koala Bears. I hadn't been to the Zoo in nearly three years, last being there with aristotle2002, and therefore did not look for my book there. I am hoping that moving to the stage of confessing "I-can't-find-my-book" leads now directly to the "I-found-it-in-this-embarrassingly-obvious-place" stage.
Tags: books, dissertation, friends-marquette era, friends-notre dame era, personal, photography

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