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Theological Notebook: Bogdan Bucur's Dissertation Defense

Barnes sent us all ("us all" being those interested in Patristics – the study of the writing and theologies of the early church) the following announcement/instructions for this morning's big festivities. Interesting stuff for the secretly initiated. Off to get readin'
A reminder -- or an announcement: this Friday morning, 10-12 Alumni Memorial Union 254, Bogdan Bucur will be defending his dissertation, "The Angelomorphic Spirit in Early Christianity: Scripture and Theology in Clement of Alexandria's Eclogae Propheticae and Adumbrationes." This should be fun. If you want a window into the subject matter, look at Clement's "Fragments" and the so-called Excerpta ex Theodoto both in the Ante-Nicene Fathers volumes. The real Excerpta figures here, too, but you can look at the ANF material in less than an hour and gain a good sense of the text(s) and content being dealt with in the dissertation.

Tags: barnes, books, historical, mysticism/spirituality, patristics, pneumatology, theological notebook

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