Novak (novak) wrote,

Personal: Sophia Eileen

ophia Eileen, the third of my nieces by my sister Leslie and my brother-in-law Jim, was born this morning of the Octave of Easter at 7:07am. It had been hoped that she would enter the world on the 10th, being our late Grandmother Eileen Sweeney's 99th birthday; then it was hoped that, as Leslie's labour was induced at 5:30pm yesterday evening (oh my!) that she would arrive on the 14th, which was our Grandpa Bernard's birthday, the husband of Eileen, and which would provide at least a little family symmetry. But no: poor Leslie had to go through the night for this girl. She already has a family reputation, then, as a bit of a contrarian. She is nine pounds, two ounces, which is huge compared to her sisters Grace and Haley, who have been much mystified as to why this baby wouldn't just come at their mother's command....

May Hagia Sophia, Our Mother Holy Wisdom, the Holy Spirit of God, and our always-generous grandmother Eileen, watch over her all the days of her life.
Tags: family, grace, haley, personal, prayers, sophia

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