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Theology Notebook: Clooney's "Hindu God, Christian God"

A few chapters into a book called Hindu God, Christian God: How Reason Helps Break Down the Boundaries between Religions and fascinated to see the parallels between Hinduism and Christianity in how both religions produce not only the same general rational arguments (a la the cosmological argument) for the existence of God, but also produce similar wings within the faiths criticizing the adequacy of those arguments. At the very least, the author (a Jesuit from BC) is doing a good job of showing how the traditions can be in conversation with one another on the basis of similar modes of thinking.

This text seems to be in the fourth model, the "comparative" one, that was mentioned a few days back when I originally began looking toward the Trinity and its implications for interreligious dialogue. And I suppose that that's the best that I can personally hope for at this point w.r.t. Hinduism: comparison. I really don't have much information coming in to this, and the interreligious work isn't a primary interest of mine. I've done some coursework in Judaism, along with having friends who are Jews, spent a wild week in the Sahara with Muslims, and was a stereotypical bumbling Zen disciple for a year, but I really feel like I have a limited background to this stuff, so I'm not even sure what questions I think are important to ask at this time. Having a guy like this Prof. Clooney who knows these two traditions so well simply lay out similarities and dissimilarities side-by-side feels like the best thing for the moment.
Tags: books, cultural, interreligious, philosophical, theological methodology, theological notebook, trinity

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