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Personal: Quick Update on Nose

Yesterday was my surgery for removing my skin cancer. I had a basal cell carcinoma, a non-metastasizing cancer, that appeared on my face as what I thought was an uber-zit over a year ago. Even the doctors didn't think it a cancer until a biopsy confirmed it. Why I got it is beyond me: all the leather-skinned tanner girls walking around campus who seem to be the obvious targets got passed over for me, who spends too much of the summer hiding in the library. Go figure.

Jen was beyond wonderful, taking me to and from the hospital yesterday and just taking care of me through the rest of the day. Not that I was in terribly bad condition, but she did indulge my movie choices and such, as I just had to sit still and – horrors! – try not to talk so much so that the wound stayed still. I have a huge bandage on the side of my nose, from the cancer removal and then the follow-up plastic surgery. It was the weirdest sensation: cutting the thing out of the side of my nose, then the plastic surgeon choosing not to do a skin graft, and instead cutting and peeling away part of my cheek next to the nose in order to stretch fat from underneath the cheek to use in filling in the hole left by the surgery. Then he stretched the skin back over the whole. No pain, but just a local anesthetic, so I felt it all: cutting, peeling back, clipping, pulling, sewing up. Interesting, but I'm very happy to have my own job studying ideas....

For all that, there's no pain now: I've not taken any painkillers since last night. It's just something I'm having to be über-ginger about. I was perhaps a touch light-headed from either the anesthetic or the mild blood-loss, but that isn't bothering me over-much. It's just the trying not to talk so much: it's a hard fate for an Irishman....
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