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Some good work this weekend while at my Mum's, as far as thinking through the outlines of my John paper, but not lots actually written. I present the outline in class on Wednesday and I'll have it formally typed out by tomorrow evening. I wrote a strong set of conclusions that I think will be able to demonstrated strongly from the material, so I'm pretty pleased with that. And I came up with a solution to a rather perplexing passage in John that I haven't found elsewhere in the literature, so I may even contribute something. More on all that as I type it up.

I've sat out a few LJ discussions, but I had some good ones with my Mom this weekend, so I more than won as far as good conversation goes. Sorry y'all. I'll try to make a few replies now where requested, but the end of April is writing season in gradschool-land, so my attention is going to be elsewhere than some of the conversations going on here, no matter how easily I'm distracted.

So, good stuff. Some interesting moments with Mom getting her perspective on us kids growing up, now that I'm watching my sister raise Grace and I'm tending to see more things from a parental side now. The biggest tragedy of the weekend was seeing my niece continue her Augustinian slide into evil as she had learned to only give me a kiss if gave her a slice of cucumber. At least she eats healthy. (When she doesn't try to eat Hershey's Kisses with the wrapper still on....)

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