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Musical/Personal: A new Over The Rhine disc; Happy Birthdays

My most-loved songwriters and crafters of beauty, Over The Rhine, have just surprised me by coming out with a CD that I hadn't heard was coming. Discount Fireworks: A Collection is a career retrospective, not a new CD as such, although it has the not-unusual device of a new track on the disc. Now, in the days of the iTunes Store, that doesn't infuriate me as it did back when it meant having to buy the entire album for the sake of the one song, although I find myself tempted (but not too much) to buy the thing just to have the consumerist satisfaction of possessing all sixteen of their CDs. Hell, just Linford's notes about what it has meant for them to have the opportunity to make music in this so-American context make the thing fascinating by themselves. Anyway, if you're new to the music of Over The Rhine, or slightly curious by my continual high praise for the work of Linford and Karin, this might be a good place to start. Me, I bought the new track, "Last Night On Earth Again," and just found myself laughing in sympathy to the line
I told Jesus he could have my heart
He said, What kinda shape's it in?

It's March 5th: Happy Birthdays to my sister Leslie and her husband Jim: you guys are the best.
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