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Personal: Google Earth Geneva Updating

Totally annoying. I mentioned earlier that in idle moments, I've been noting my travels and other such places from my life on my copy of Google Earth. Just a while ago, in such a mood, with my evening's plans with Diane canceled (which wasn't overly tragic, as we'd gone out at the last minute last night and ended up talking until we closed down Harry's Bar and Grill up toward Shorewood), I headed out to tweak a few things in my notes on Geneva, where I had traveled this summer, visiting Erik during his stint at the World Health Organization. I saw now that the satellite photography of Geneva had been updated, which I thought was a fine thing, especially if it made it easier for me to find a few places I had visited, which it in fact did. It looks like a bright, spring day there, I'm guessing: with brilliant green grass (I had thought of Geneva as in the Alps, but it's not) but with the leaves still not having filled in on all the trees, giving everything such a bright look that this picture looks more like an artificial computer graphic than a photograph, at first.

The only thing was, they had also managed to move everything in Geneva several yards to the west, thus causing all the work I had done in marking my journey to now be all off-target. Totally annoying. So, with no way to "select all" and nudge it to the west, I had to move every single piece if I wanted to keep my accuracy, which given my historian-ness, just wasn't an option if I was going to bother doing this. So while the markers are all tagged with incredibly precise longitude/latitude coordinates, I now see that this is perhaps more decoration than scientific precision if they can shift their material that far while updating. I wonder how many other users are a bit pissed.
Tags: computing, friends-marquette era, friends-notre dame era, geneva, personal, travel, travel-2006 geneva/venice/florence

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