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Personal/Musical: The Sugarcubes, Bjork, The Primitives, Angie, John and Christy

The wonders of the Internet! I just had a flashback while I was reading for tomorrow's class (Book II of Lewis' Mere Christianity, "What Christians Believe," which we'll contrast as a picture/explanation of "what Christianity is/how Christianity works" with the Letter to the Hebrews, which they read for Wednesdays class). For some reason, an early date with Angie Brunner came back to me (while I was dating her and Jenny Patton at the same time, thus experimenting in Stupidity) where she came up for the weekend from the U of I and I took her to see the Sugarcubes in Chicago. They were still touring on their album Here Today, Tomorrow, Next Week!, and, if I remember correctly, "Regina" was their current single on high video rotation on MTV's 120 Minutes, of which I was a devoted watcher. Apparently about an airplane (I could never decipher much of what Bjork was saying, and I'd not bought the album to read the lyrics sheet), it was enough to attract my attention. I think the show was at the Riviera, although perhaps it might have been the Vic. John Paris and Christy Gwozdz came with us. I recall not being terribly inspired by the Sugarcubes, although I rallied a bit with the crowd when they began to spin umbrellas on the stage (for propellers, you see) and launched into "Regina," which allowed Bjork to show off her stunning vocal style to advantage. On the whole, I remember leaving thinking that the opening band had given a more interesting show, and that I liked their sound more. And every time I thought of this over the years (whenever I'd see Bjork and her ill-fated Oscar swan dress, for example), I could never remember who that opening band was.

And thus the wonders of the Internet: I just Googled the show when I thought of it, and behold! The Primitives opened for the Sugarcubes in Chicago on 1 March 1990. Maybe I'll look up their music.

The other great story of the night was driving back to DeKalb. Angie had me driving her car for some reason, and we stopped at a toll booth on I-88, probably the one just past I-294. One quarter in the change I tossed into the basket bounced off into oblivion, but not before I lifted my foot off the break and pulled away from the basket and closer to the automatic arm of the gate. I tried to toss a coin awkwardly backwards to no avail. Conscious of the cars behind, I now just grabbed a bunch of change and pushed it back at John, who was sitting behind me. He rolled down his window, but was unable to easily reach the basket, so he opened his door a bit. The gate went up and I pulled away from the tool booth.

Instantly the girls began shouting, "John fell out of the car! You left John behind!"

"Yeah, right..." I laughed.

"No! No! JOHN FELL OUT OF THE CAR!!!" they screamed. I looked in the rear-view mirror and could see a silhouetted figure loping behind the car. Mortified, I hit the breaks. John had apparently not just opened his door to pay the toll, but had put one foot outside the car and was leaning on that when I pulled forward, causing him to tumble to the ground.

"What are you doing?!!" cried John as he jumped in the car, slamming the door shut. I pulled off more quickly, now conscious of drivers behind me who thought I was crazy (to say nothing of my companions). I apologized to John, saying I had no idea he'd gotten even a little out of the car. But in my mind's eye I can still see him loping along behind the car, silhouetted by the beams of the lines of cars behind me.

Sorry, John.

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