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Personal/Musical: Danielle says God Is:

Hmm. As I've noted more than once, I was at Notre Dame during an incredibly rich musical moment, surrounded by songwriters who all seemed to be at the height of their production. One I normally don't mention is Danielle Skorich. We hung out a bit, with mutual friends, as we never particularly hit it off strongly one-on-one. As Danielle Rose she has continued to use her talents in specifically music-ministry areas, from what I've heard through friends.

But as I was just doing some cleaning in the apartment before pulling out tomorrow's lesson material to review, I couldn't help but be struck by the lyric of her song "God Is" as my random-playing iTunes brought it up for the first time in forever. I'm not a person who usually chokes their journal with lyrics, but I found myself entirely taken by a distinctly mystical lyric. I'm not sure that it stands on its own: it is certainly aided by its mood, tastefully executed in an exceptional melody and spare arrangement:
I am the beginning and the end
I am the faith in your believing
I am the color of truth
I am the dreamer of your dreams
I am the falling in your love
I am the words of a prayer
I am the silence in the music
I am the music in the silence

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