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Personal: Violator!

Whoops! My entry the other day on the America book review of N. T. Wright's new book on the problem of evil, Evil and the Justice of God, just got me an abuse notice from Live Journal on copyright violation. I hadn't thought so much about it (obviously), and didn't consider that copying the review whole into my journal would constitute a copyright violation. I guess I was thinking of this as more of the "paper" reading-journal where one could freely do the same thing.

So I hope that doesn't jeopardize my account. If it wasn't some surfing person from America who saw that and called it in, or a random LJ inspection looking for such problems, but someone among more regular readers, I would prefer a less juridical approach in the future: I'd hate to have my account jeopardized by something I could have corrected on my own.
Tags: books, legal, livejournal, personal

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