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Personal: Off to Chicago

Frannie is apparently doing much, much better, and things are looking so up that Kev went ahead with his business trip and is now in Chicago. After class tomorrow, I'll catch the train down, meet him at the Signature Room for dinner (hopefully with a good window seat looking over the Loop) and then back to the James (which seems like a hotel composed entirely of Ikea products) where we will try all the wine and spend an unreasonable amount of time talking and cultivating sleep-deprivation. It's been a year since we've actually seen one another, so this is going to be perfect. It's been two years since I was in that same spot, with them as their Best Man – on the first night of their honeymoon, in fact! – closing down the Signature Room and just enjoying one another's company without the wedding hanging over us for the first time in three weeks. Good times, and now with the good news of more to come.
Tags: food, friends-notre dame era, personal, restaurants, travel

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