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Theology Notebook/Personal

Making some decent progress on the Thomas stuff, if not up to my lofty goals for Thursday. Forgot that I'd told Meg that I'd have a Movie Night with her, so I took some time off to watch a goofy farce called Office Space. But I am now set to finish William Bonney's Caused to Believe: The Doubting Thomas Story at the Climax of John's Christological Narrative, which is the only full-length text on my topic. Good stuff, so far. An awful lot of context, but I suppose that that's necessary, given the nonsense written in biblical studies--you have to both distinguish your exact approach and explain why you aren't following what's already been "solved" by previous scholars. Or in the case of our pal Rudolf Bultmann, ruthlessly projected onto the text. Honestly, I'm amazed that so much theology or ideology has been allowed to be forced on the texts and called "historical-critical" method. Gives a bad name to the entire field.

Anyway, got done with all but the final chapter of that last night. Tried to get going on the Von Balthasar, but I just crashed at the library by 12:30, so I left just after my study-buddy Shawnee did. That's my job today: I'm presenting on Von Balthasar and his thoughts of how the individual relates to God and on his trinitarian theology for Monday. Came home and got to bed by 2, and still slept 'til quarter after 12. I must have been really wiped. Starting to have anxious dreams about guitar-playing, which I've been doing so little of the last month or two that my callouses are starting to fade and fall off. Something for the summer to-do list: work on my right hand and learn to finger-pick, now that I've finally got a six-string. And finish learning to read French, 'cause I haven't got time to do the French exam this semester.

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