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Theological Notebook: John L. Allen Jr.'s "All Things Catholic" Syndicated

I am entirely filled with a Chardonnay from dinner wiht Julie, which has made my typoing very difficult, but now seems to be pretty much under control. Frequently in my "Theoloigcal Notebook" entries, I have reporduced items from the man I consider to be America's foremost Vatcian-watcher, John L. Allen, Jr., of the National Catholic Reporter, who has really matured and broadened over these last several years, moving away from the simplisitic prejudices one tends to see in NCR. In recent months, his Vatican-based or -oriented column, "The Word From Rome" has expanded in scope and been renamed "All Things Catholic." I just created a LiveJournal syndicated feed for the column – no mean trick, as tipsy as I am – and for anyone interested (since people have commented on his columns as I've reproduced them here over the last few years) it can be found as the LiveJournal syndicated item "ThingsCatholic" or thingscatholic through the link here or on my friends page.
Tags: catholicism, livejournal, papacy, theological notebook

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