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Personal: Thinking of Hugh Carter

Erik just called, with the news that Hugh Carter, who we accompanied on his epic journey through Rome and Tunisia in April 1998, has fallen with a combination of stroke and heart attack on Friday, and that the effects seem to be progressing, and that he might not last much longer. Erik had spoken of the three of us getting together over Easter, visiting Hugh in Florida, as a reunion. And now all that I can do is join in in the chorus of people beginning to pray for him. I'm listening to the beginning of my tape journal from the trip, and remembering people meeting us at the airport in Charlotte, NC who had been in Hugh's first church back in 1951. (Hugh had been a Presbyterian minister, who had in his retirement become a Catholic, and was all the while a Southern Gentleman of the old school.) He is that kind of man: who people would come to see after years or decades.

Whoa. I began this hours ago. It's now around 1:40am, after a three-hour conversation when Mark Lang called (with two quick addenda calls to ask me quick follow-up questions) as I was typring and processing Erik's news. And that was after having been on the phone with Michael McGlinn for an hour. I just took two Tylenol to help with the crick in my neck that's spreading up into my head. I'll call it quits for tonight.
Tags: friends-notre dame era, personal, photography, rome, travel, travel-1998 rome/tunisia, tunisia

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