Novak (novak) wrote,

Random: Mike as Cyber-Terrorist

I have just returned from family visits over the Christmas holidays to discover the following note at the top of my non-junk mail pile of 172 emails:
Michael Anthony Novak:

I've just cancelled my beloved Amazon account because, unaccountably, your name ["full address withheld for privacy reasons/ Gift Registry"] appears on the Amazon page that carries my shipping address.

Can you explain this? [I do purchase many books related to Church history and theology but still . . . . ]

Maureen Mullarkey
Critic / The New York Sun
If you go to Ms Mullarkey's website, as I did after reading this note, you'll see that that title of "Critic" is a modest one: her credentials are impressive and her writing more than convinced me that this is someone worth listening to on the subject. To discover that my name was attached to ruining her Amazon list was all the more mortifying: I know how much I'd hate to lose my own "Remember to read this someday" lists....
Tags: art, books, literary, random

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