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Personal/Random: Library, Final and Meg; LiveJournal First-Sentence-of-the-Month/Year in Review Meme

Just in from the library. I finished typing up the "raw" version of the Final Exam, which is full of everything we did. Tomorrow, I'll select from that "database" the specific selections I'll use, but I can go back to the "raw" version to construct other variations of this material, as well. Before working on that, I spent some time on the Bridge, working with Meg Rothbart on a project for one of her Communications classes, where she was having to "sell" our Manresa Project to both Catholic/Christian and secular audiences. The material she was focused on, concentrating on the idea of vocation and the reflection and discernment process in discovering such, was very similar to the Vocare retreat I worked on with Kevin Fleming and Michael McGlinn for the Notre Dame Vocation Initiative a few years back, back when they were still doing programs for graduates. So I helped "translate" some of the language she was working on into clearer Christian and secular terms for her, as she was struggling with how the same thing could be presented from such different fundamental presuppositions. Merton's "True Self/False Self" language was useful there, among other things.

So, I'm in kind of that "wired/tired" mood that goes so well with Finals and binge studying/working. I loved Finals Week in the dorm as an undergrad: some of the best studying and play of the year, all in concentrated bursts.

And thus: the meme I saw just now from blistermoth–the one where you post the first sentence of the first post of each month of the past year. It does strangely seem to capture something of the year in brief.


January: Back with internet access.

February: Every once in a while, as with The Da Vinci Code, you run across a book that as a professional historian just makes you cringe with embarrassment at what the American reading public will lap up as "... totally true. It has to be--it's in print!"

March: Well, today I finally joined my first professional society.

April: Artistic Notes: • Before heading out to Markus Wriedt's bash at the County Clare, I had about 45 minutes free and finally cut a vocal track for "Wish I May" with which I am content.

May: Tired.

June: Julie and I were supposed to go to dinner tonight at 7:30.*

July: The reading continues for background for the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture paper proposal: "Towards a Theological Interpretation of Modernity" "Modernity: A Sociological Perspective" "Catholicism and Modernity: A Process of Mutual Exclusion" "The Philosophical Critique of Modernity"

August: It's 90ºF outside, 97º with the heat index, and so I'm still cowering in the solar blast shelter that is Raynor Library.

September: We have lost another one of the greats.

October: Florence, Saturday 22 July 2006 Continued (Actually 12:37am Sunday, recording) We made our way around the south side of the Duomo, pausing along the way to study the details of the façade on the church itself and on the tower next to it that had been designed by Giotto.

November: I just finished writing up my notes and lesson plan for today's session of Introduction to Theology.

December: Thus far: 1) I think I got most of Alasdair MacIntyre's 2006 Josef Pieper Lecture on "Islam, Modernity, and Us" for those of you who were begging for it with crazed fervour.

*A technical cheat, as I slightly cheated the original dating in order to keep it on the proper calendar day. Sue me. I'm an historian.
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