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Random: Regarding Tater Tots

Okay, I'm in Milwaukee, which is a great town and all, but I'll acknowledge that it generally doesn't lead America in trendiness, developing new fashions, or being the place for the Latest Thing. (Although I gather the Micro-Brewery movement started here, which is kinda big except for me 'cause I hate the taste of all beers which makes me a bad Irish-American, and of course for the fact that we have Summerfest, which outrocks all of America.) But last night I went out to dinner with my friend Diane at one of our more-hip-than-reasonably-priced restaurants, The Knick, and I saw for the first time that on the list of the appetizers was Tater Tots.

$10 Tater Tots.

Now, Diane told me that this had been trendy for a little while, but I'd not run into it, myself. I hadn't been to the Knick in awhile, or apparently any other place that was Tater Tot-cool. Now, Diane is pretty much a vegetarian, so she was much more familiar with certain details, such as telling me that the type of potato used for the Tots (I've already forgotten the name, and the menu on the website is – alas! – not current and lacks the Tots entry) is quite the high-end potato. Me, I'm afraid I didn't know there were high-end potatoes. But Holy Freaking Moses: those were the best-tasting potatoes/Tater Tots ever. While I had thought the concept of Tater Tots at a more "chichi" restaurant was preying upon our generation's lingering fond memories/inordinate excitement over Tater Tots appearing on a day's otherwise-unappealing school lunch menu, I had to admit that these particular versions were beyond all expectations. The waitress seemed to understand that there was an almost inherent goofiness about the item, but also noted that we got the last set before the kitchen ran out, while the restaurant was still in full drive for the evening. So go figure. Me, I think I'd go back just to have that particular starter, no matter how "junior high" the idea makes me feel. Any of the rest of you run into this? I can only imagine I'm behind the times, which is all too often the case....
Tags: food, friends-marquette era, milwaukee, random, restaurants

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