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Theological Notebook: "Interacademia" as a New Science/Philosophy/Religion Discussion Group

A few entries ago, I mentioned an ongoing discussion I was having with solar physicist nimoloth over in Scotland about the emergence of the ideas that allowed modern science to develop, which, from the history of science that I've read, seemed to be closely tied to the Christian/Aristotelian synthesis achieved by the Scholastics.

Spinning out from this, nimoloth has gone ahead and created an interdisciplinary forum for such conversation. I imagine some people on my friends list are interested or already by virtue of their own fields, deeply engaged in such science/philosophy/theology contemplation. So if it looks interesting to you, I'd invite and urge you to add it to your list and see what you can contribute! I conclude with the link in nimoloth's proposal:
Following all our discussions, and further discussions with my colleague, Ross, (who has also replied to your posts in my journal) we thought it would be good to have a forum for such cross-discipline discussions, so I've created one: interacademia. Ross and I at least are both genuinely interested in further discussions of this nature and would really like more insight into how the "other half" thinks!

The idea is to have a forum where people from different disciplines (I'm primarily thinking scientific and religious, but also history and philosophy) can debate and discuss in an educated manner issues to do with the interactions of the fields, and the differences between them. We can learn from each other, and it is surely beneficial to all to branch out and interact outwith our own fields, something which is generally not done in science, at least.
Tags: cultural, education, faith and reason, friends-marquette era, grace and freedom/nature, historical, livejournal, philosophical, scientific, secularism/modernity, theological notebook

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