Novak (novak) wrote,

Musical: Nadina's New EP "Fallen Paper Towels"

I have enthused before about Nadina's music. I'm sure you can find and read those earlier comments and reviews by clicking the "musical" tag on the sidebar or in this entry. In particular, I know that I have called her music something like "quintessentially feminine," and I still stand by that. Whether with the edgy and fullsome sound of a band supporting her, or with the lighter, unadorned simplicity of her voice and her harp, Nadina's music is striking and compelling.

So I'm pleased to see that she has finally released her EP collection, Fallen Paper Towels. This is the stark, stripped-down format – her alone with her utterly-unconventional instrument choice of her harp. But I encourage everyone to go to CD Baby and to give her work a listen, and order it for yourself, and in support of this Pittsburgh artist. Independent musicians need the support – CD by CD – in order to keep being able to offer their vision to us. Even if, like me, you've downloaded a number of these songs free off of her MySpace site, I feel we owe the artist to come through for the full collection. And, of course, it's just going to be one more point of light in our world once we own it.

That makes three entries in a row, now, where I've been hawking music at people: the new work of Over The Rhine, my own humble efforts, and now Nadina's. I'm certainly no salesman, but in this case, I stand by it all.
Tags: friends-notre dame era, musical, personal

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