Novak (novak) wrote,

Personal: Mac Evolution As I Have Witnessed It

A long day of working in the apartment. I was very conscious of the light today, watching the angle of the shadows arcing across the campus like a sundial from dawn over the lake, through the afternoon and until sunset and the fading of the light to general, then diffuse, and then gone.

I'm still thinking about upgrading as I deal with maxing out my speed and my storage (even with the addition of the extra harddrive last year). Storage is obviously critical. Recording's frequently nightmarish in its maxing out my system. And Ambrose is pushing a half-decade old here. I'm not sure how long he'll be supported for much of the new material. It's tough enough now. It's weird to look back, though, and remember that I used to do it all on a 40 megabyte harddrive. Hell, when we started programming, those Commodore 64s gave us all we needed with 64K of memory! It's been a fun ride, this revolution and evolution:

My Mac History:

Urosevich's Mac (1989-92)

Trevor (1993-97)

Milo (1997-2000)

Albertus (Milo after G3 processor "brain transplant") (2000-2002)

Ambrose (2002- )

Simplicianus (2006- )
Tags: computing, mac, personal, technology

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