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Personal: A Dream About the Kim Sisters

I woke up from a very vivid dream this morning wherein I was telling my sister the story of the Kim sisters. The Sisters Kim were students of mine at Saint Joseph's High School in South Bend, and were kind of emblematic of my time there for me. This was because the eldest of the three, Judy, was my very first student in my classroom on the very first day of my teaching. They had just moved from Princeton, New Jersey to South Bend, and Judy was going through all the horrible feelings of a kid who had just had to move in the middle of high school: here she was starting her sophomore year and knew no one. I wouldn't wish that on any teenager, but you saw it happen frequently. But I taught all three of the Kim sisters over the course of these years, and I left after having taught the last of them, Doo, and thus the feeling of their being somewhat emblematic of my time at Saint Joe's.

Now in the dream, I was relating all of this story to my sister, just as it happened, and how I watched the relationships of the sisters over time: various sisterly tensions and collaborations, the works. The episode that was somewhat a surprise to me, when I woke up, was the detailed account I had given my sister of Judy passing away in school and then later her subsequent resurrection, and how this played out, particularly in her relationship with So. Now, upon waking, I realized that I didn't really remember this episode happening, but I was amazed at the detail with which I had related it to my sister in the dream.

I'm curious as to what my pshrink friends would do with that, how they would interpret it and all, but that's just an idle curiosity. I've read enough comic books and watched enough television to know that this is clearly a sign that I had managed to go back in time and change the timeline so as to alter the course of events, thus saving Judy's life. The dream is therefore significant in foreshadowing some trans-temporal consequence of my adventure, which will soon transpire. So I suppose I'd better start putting together some weapons. And maybe drop the girls a line and see what they're doing with their lives.

2002-06-09 Kim Sisters:So's Graduation
At the 2002 Saint Joe's graduation, with Doo, Judy, and So. (A ghastly picture of me, I'm afraid.)
Tags: dreams, personal, saint joseph's high school, students

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