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Personal/Theological Notebook: The Feast of Francis of Assisi

It's the Feast of Francis of Assisi today, and we should all celebrate/shudder. Francis is one of the most dangerous and menacing figures of Western – or even human – history, and so naturally we have tried to tame him into a sort of harmless Disney character. No one short of Christ challenges our entire relationship to the world – from economics to ecology, which, after all, come down to the same thing – than this unimposing and terrifying little Italian man. It was always a day of high celebration among Freekish friends: I wish Mark, J.P. and Erik were around for another of those "family dinners" from around 2000 that we'd always have on such an occasion. And then we'd have to smuggle Chrysogonus Waddell in so that we could complete the picture....

The Only Known Photograph of Heaven.
Tags: chrysogonus waddell, cultural, francis of assisi, friends-notre dame era, george and the freeks, historical, musical, mysticism/spirituality, personal, photography, theological notebook

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