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Personal/Random/Musical: Thunderstorm in the Morning; New Nadina

YOWZA!!! Okay, now I'm up! In a night of mucho thunderstorms, the sudden explosion of both major crash-boom Midwestern thunderstorm and the clatter of hail against the windows has got me well and truly awake. It was a bit alarming for a few seconds, even for someone used to the – WOW!! Big Lightning/Thunder!! – used to the Midwestern Thunderstorm as a weather and entertainment event.

On a totally unrelated and musically-compelling but -inappropriate-to-thunderstorms note, Nadina Bembic has a cool new tune called "Face" that's available for download on her MySpace account. Check it out. My reviews of her in March (see my archives) say exactly how enthused I am by this different and compelling female songwriter.
Tags: friends-notre dame era, milwaukee, musical, personal, random, weather

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