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Theological Notebook: DDO Approved, along with "Dream Team"

Well, I have at least received the good and welcome news that my Doctoral Dissertation Outline has been accepted and approved by the Graduate Committee of the Department of Theology, pending some specific revisions. (That doesn't surprise me in the least: I can think of revisions I'd like to make, myself.) So, that done, it'll be signed by the entire Dissertation Board – an utter "Dream Team" as Fahey put it – of Professors Michael A. Fahey, S.J., my Director, Patrick Carey, Susan K. Wood, S.C.L., Joseph Mueller, S.J., and Mickey Mattox. The "Professional Vision" statements some of these folks have on their individual Department web pages might especially give some idea of why I'm utterly hyped to work with all of them.

Tags: dissertation, ecclesiology, fahey, marquette, personal, teachers, theological notebook, writing

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