Novak (novak) wrote,

Theological Notebook: The Sullivan Dissertation

I feel like I made a huge breakthrough today in organizing my thoughts about. or approach toward. the dissertation on Francis A. Sullivan, S.J.. I think I've really put my finger on a unifying theme throughout his work – a theology of charisms, which I've been suspecting for a while – and have come to see how that can really form the core of my analysis and my thesis. Very satisfying. Tidied up my notes along those lines, and had Shawnee and Tony here at the library to run my ideas and phrasings by when I needed quick feedback.

I see that Andrei went and put me on the schedule again for this semester for the Seminar on the Jewish Roots of Eastern Christian Mysticism, so I have to conjure my doctoral exam notes from last fall into a presentation.

And to top it off, Erik's luggage was found and arrived at Logan Airport tonight, including all the film he shot of our trip and everything else while he was in Europe.

Finishing up here at Raynor Library. A good day.

(And a freshman just passed me by, gave me a thumbs-up, and whispered, "Late work, Professor?" with a grin. I haven't earned that yet, but it's cool to be hearing occasionally, even though I'd corrected them.)
Tags: dissertation, ecclesiology, florence, francis a. sullivan s.j., friends-marquette era, friends-notre dame era, geneva, mysticism/spirituality, students, theological notebook, travel, venice, writing

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