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Theological Notebook: "My Favourite Zizioulas Joke"

After being jumped on for my apparently less-than-exact political groussing, I will stay closer to my own expertise for this entry. In fact, it will be so much so that I don't know if hardly anyone will get the proper smile from this, except for Seraphim, of course.... :-)

While at the library tonight, I got some good emails, including a gracious one from my Doktorvater who is settling into his retirement in the Jesuit community at Boston College, next to the fellow on whom I'm writing the dissertation he's directing, and one from Tom Near, who was once long ago with me one of the bad boys of the Department of History at Northern. After discovering me online after not hearing from one another for a decade, he sent me one of those cool "catch up" letters that are so much fun. His current location leaves me more than impressed: he's a new professor in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Yale.

Lastly, I received from my advisor this little gem. Hysterical. Really. It is. You have to believe me! :
Subject: My Favorite Zizioulas Joke

Last weekend at a conference in Cambridge (UK) Zizioulas was forced to admit that a theologumenon he said was Gregory of Nyssa's was in fact not something Gregory ever said: quote,"Well, yes, Gregory did not say this, but it is what he would say if he were alive today." He then proceeded to say that according to GregNys and Maximus it is the case that through the Incarnation we become part of the Trinity (which set Kallistos Ware off like a bomb.)
Tags: barnes, christology, fahey, friends-marquette era, friends-niu era, historical, incarnation, mysticism/spirituality, patristics, theological notebook, trinity

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