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Random: Tagged by BassMike about my day

Thursday Is Tag Day
Tagged by Darth Vader.

List five things you've done so far today. Then tag five other people to do the same.

1. Walked the dog.
2. Fed Jack a bottle.
3. Watched some "Empire Strikes Back" with Jack.
4. Got Jack down for a nap.
5. Talked to my uncle on the phone about the legal research I'm doing for him.
Yikes, how many of these have I missed?! bassmike, that pic with the gown made my day. Dude, that was incredible. As was the fact that you're already watching The Empire Strikes Back with Jack. You remind me of my high school friend 2ndtimothy, who read The Lord of the Rings – and watched the movies! – with his four year-old son, which I thought was too soon and too eager, but too funny, too.

1. Answered student mails, zipped across the street to meet one new, late-add student and give her the syllabus and basic "catch up" instructions.
2. Read the assignment for Wednesday and wrote the homework questions to give out in class tomorrow.
3. Continued re-reading the assignment for tomorrow (see earlier entry).
4. Rented a car to go to St. Louis for the weekend for the Novak Family Reunion at the convent of the Sisters of Loretto. St. Louis LJ-ers: I have tried to figure out how I might take advantage of being in your town to meet you guys, but I am going to be so out of control of my own time, that I just can't see how to do it. I'm a putz.
5. Fixed beef tips with noodles in a mushroom sauce, with a side of green beans and carrots for dinner (and a glass of orange pop, like the Pope). Read The Trials of Shazam! #1 and part of L'Engle's Many Waters while eating my tasty treat.

Tagging: Missouri LJ-friends instead of supplying artful personal conversation.
Tags: books, family, food, friends-marquette era, friends-notre dame era, friends-oregon era, meme, personal, random, students, teaching, travel

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