Novak (novak) wrote,

Personal: A Wrinkle In Time, or School Flashbacks

Holy Freakin' Moses. Major flashbacks tonight. I've been enjoying myself by indulging in a late-night re-read of Madeleine L'Engle's A Wrinkle In Time, which I've not read in at least a decade, and which I picked up at Half-Price Books the other week when I was romping around out there with Julie. The thing started producing all sorts of visions from hearing it read to me a chapter or two at a time in Mrs. McCourt's fourth grade class, which was somehow one more thing that made us decide that she was the coolest teacher, back in Jefferson Elementary School in Oregon, Illinois. (I also remember a really creepy ghost story about living pictures in a haunted house, and a biography of Clyde Tombaugh – timely enough – that I read then, too, eating my heart out at the stories of Tombaugh grinding his own telescope lenses as a kid, which was totally beyond me.)

That got images floating around of Etnyre Middle School and then of Oregon High School, learning from Bill Ellerby, Byron McKinstry, and Art Carlson; or hiking to and in Castle Rock State Park with my friends; or other teen-aged boy moments of import, like meeting the Bader girls, Lisa and Jennifer, for the first time during our first freshman cross country practice and nearly having a heart attack at finding myself in the presence of such beauty. And just this week, along with 2ndtimothy's regular column, I got a great email from Kathryn Ferb, with pictures of her firstborn over in Hong Kong. All so long ago and so far away, and just yesterday. I have to stretch and remember that these freshmen I'll have next week for Introduction to Theology are just arriving from those high school years, and despite everything that had happened to me by that point, I was so much younger than I thought I was at the time. It's good for me to have that in mind, I think, as I begin to teach: somehow I always seem to think that everyone pretty much knows all the same stuff that I do, and every reminder that I can get to not assume anything is a good one.
Tags: books, friends-marquette era, friends-oregon era, l'engle, oregon illinois, personal, teaching

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