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Theological Notebook: Introduction to Theology Readings

My more-or-less final reading schedule (I think). I'm really quite pleased with the selections in the new edition of the department's volume Introduction to Theology, which collect an impressive set of readings from across the history of Christianity. Some of them were readings I picked for my high school students, in fact. But it ends up being a great mix of ecclesiological, mystical, liturgical, and Christological readings and the like. It will allow me to show a variety of theological and spiritual approaches to the students, and so I'm going to experiment this semester by teaching the volume rather closely and see how it works. The only glaring omissions, to my mind, are in the Scripture section, in not having anything from either The Gospel of John (which I think the most important and influential piece of writing in all of human history), particularly the Prologue, or from the Acts of the Apostles.  It's the hope of the department that other schools will pick this up as their key reader if the new edition has been wisely put together. I think it seems more pedagogically focused than the last one, and so they should have a reasonable chance of that kind of success.

28 M Class Introduction.
30 W Historical Orientation. Read Introduction to Theology (“Intro”) ch. 9, the Gospel of Mark.

1 F What is Theology? Read First Things article “Theology as Knowledge: A Symposium” [First Things 163 (May 2006): 21-27] at:

4 M Labor Day. Celebrate work by playing all day.
6 W Philosophy and Theology: Ultimate Questions. Read Mere Christianity, Introduction, Preface, and Book I: “Right and Wrong as a Clue to the Meaning of the Universe.”
8 F Creation and Fall. Read Intro ch. 1, Genesis.

11 M The Abrahamic Tradition. Read Intro ch. 2, Genesis.
13 W The Mosaic Covenant. Read Intro ch. 3, Exodus.
15 F Israel’s Response. Read Intro ch. 4, Deuteronomy.

18 M The House of David. Read Intro ch. 5, 2 Samuel.
20 W Wisdom: Literature and Figure of God. Read Wisdom Literature selections TBA.
22 F Messianic Prophecies. Read Intro ch. 6, Isaiah, and Psalm 22.

25 M Universal Salvation. Read Intro ch. 7, Isaiah.
27 W The Faith of Jesus. Read Intro ch. 8, Hebrews, and Mere Christianity Book II: “What Christians Believe.”
29 F Matthew/Prophecy Fulfilled. Read Matthew selections TBA.

2 M John/The Word Became Flesh/High Christology. Read John selections TBA.
4 W The Acts of the Apostles: the Earliest Church History. Read Acts selections TBA.
6 F The Grace of Christ. Read Intro ch. 10, Galatians.

9 M The Body of Christ. Read Intro ch. 11, 1 Corinthians.
11 W Mid-Term Exam
13 F Assessing our work thus far. The Canon of Scripture. History and Spirituality.

16 M Bishops, Presbyters and Deacons. Read Intro ch. 12, Ignatius of Antioch.
18 W The Sunday Eucharist. Read Intro ch. 13, Justin Martyr.
20 F Mid-Term Break

23 M The Eucharistic Prayer. Read Intro ch. 14, The Apostolic Tradition of Hippolytus.
25 W Oneness in Christ. Read Intro ch. 15, Cyprian of Carthage.
27 F The Church’s Creed. Read Intro ch. 16, The Nicean-Constanopolitan Creed.

30 M The Confessions, Part I. Read Intro ch. 17, Augustine of Hippo, The Confessions, Book VIII, 1-7.

1 W The Confessions, Part II. Read Intro ch. 17, Augustine of Hippo, The Confessions, Book VIII, 8-12.
3 F Sacred Images. Read Intro ch. 18, The Second Council of Nicaea.

6 M Christ the Saviour. Read Intro ch. 19, Anselm of Canterbury.
8 W Is Theology Necessary? Read Intro ch. 20, Thomas Aquinas.
10 F The Trinity, Part I. Read Mere Christianity Book IV: “Beyond Personality: or First Steps in the Doctrine of the Trinity” chs. 1-6.

13 M The Trinity, Part II. Read Mere Christianity Book IV: “Beyond Personality: or First Steps in the Doctrine of the Trinity” chs. 7-11.
15 W Mystical Prayer. Read Intro ch. 21, Julian of Norwich.
17 F. Authentic Faith. Read Intro ch. 22, Martin Luther.

20 M God’s Greater Glory. Read Intro ch. 23, Ignatius of Loyola, S.J.
22 W Thanksgiving Break.
24 F Thanksgiving Break.

27 M The Church’s Social Teaching. Read Intro ch. 24, Pope Leo XIII.
29 W The Church and Racial Justice. Read Intro ch. 25, Martin Luther King, Jr.

1 F No class.

4 M The Sacred Liturgy. Read Intro ch. 26, Vatican II, Sacrosanctum Concilium.
6 W The Church of Christ. Read Intro ch. 27, Vatican II, Lumen Gentium.
8 F Conclusion
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