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Personal: Post-Surgery/I Have The Best Friends

Well, my surgery Friday morning, to take care of some persistent complications from my intestinal surgery in June 2004 has apparently gone smashingly well. I was sent home with oodles of pain-killers and haven't actually experienced any discomfort other than a vague sense that something happened there. Way better than I expected. Obviously, I'm still going to play things safe and let my wound heal as best as I can, but I expected a certain amount of misery that just hasn't been there.

Dan and Amy Lloyd were great in letting me stay at their place last night, just in case I had any complications that required help and getting back to the hospital. Dan came and sat with me through the afternoon in recovery at the out-patient center at Froedtert Hospital, and carted me home once I was released. So we had a pleasant evening of chat and Arrested Development and I slept long and hard into today. They were also unfathomably generous in letting me move slowly through their day, taking care of Anna and Owen as needed, but sitting with me and turning what could be dull and lonely time just "recovering" into a great time with friends. Shortly after I came home this afternoon, Julie then surprised me with a chicken and pasta dinner she had made for me. I felt a little sheepish at not feeling a bit more infirm, since she'd gone to such effort. But we laughed and told stories over dinner, continuing our conversation from Wednesday when she came over to indulge her current classical-film kick and we ended up not getting to the movie and just talking 'til 1am. Tonight we also watched the enthusiastically non-classical videotape of scenes from her "Acting for the Camera" course last semester. After dinner Dan came back over, met Julie, and returned all my drugs to me, which I'd conveniently left in their kitchen. He then stuck around for an hour, mostly talking foreign policy.

Along with going out to dinner earlier Wednesday with my Uncle Bill and Aunt Helen, and my cousin Becca who's getting ready to head off to Madison as a freshman, I've had a fabulously social week, really. Dinner was all too quick, with us swapping random stories of our recent trips abroad, as they'd been crossing South America, delivering Cousin Ben to a semester abroad in Argentina. They were very concerned about my surgery, and me taking proper care of myself, and so arranged for Bill to take me to the hospital on Friday. (They were appalled the other year when I just took the bus over to the hospital for surgery.) I even had the opportunity to hang with classmate Bob Foster on one of his too-rare research trips to campus from his new home in Michigan. We had the perfect place: nestled in the shade behind the Joan of Arc Chapel. Nothing better on a summer evening. Two games: one each.
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