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Personal: Computer Issues

Urg. Still having major issues with my computer and being able to get online. My service provider suggested that there might be conflicts between my cable modem and my wireless router, and that I might have to disconnect the latter for the internet connection to work. First off, I've clearly had internet access through my wireless via the cable, so if it has worked, I couldn't see that being the key issue, unless I'm to believe that the hardware evolved into a state of distate between the two. Still, I dutifully disconnected the wireless as they suggested (prior to getting a new cable modem) to see if that would allow me to have internet access directly to my desktop computer. I was indeed able to get online when I restarted that, although that didn't necessarily answer the question, since I have been able to get occasional internet access since the cable modem started getting freaky over the last few weeks. The true test would come in seeing whether I got consistent access.

Naturally this is when my AOL started spitting out gibberish and, when forced to do a hard restart after the entire system froze, I haven't been able to get my desktop to startup since. I mean, it will turn on, but the thing is frozen in its startup mode each time. I finally was able to find out how to start it from the system DVD, and it looks like I'll have to reinstall the system software to get the puppy going again. In the meantime, I plugged my cable back into my wireless and, naturally, here I am, online without any trials.

All of this has taken far much more time than I would wish. I went to the hospital today for a regular physical with my family doctor only to discover that it had been cancelled while I was in Switzerland. I also discovered that my doctor and her residents only do Friday afternoon appointments while I'm teaching, so I had to request reassignment to an entirely new team in order to get a checkup this year. I spent the rest of the afternoon in the Theology office looking through the proofs for the new Introduction to Theology volume that the department has written and that I'll be using for my classes, and continuing to play with different ideas for how to do my Intro course.

Back to the installing.

Edit: I re-installed the operating system, which I had to do once before, when I had a problem on the computer last summer. Only this time, when it restarts, it now pops up with a login window that doesn't offer my name, and doesn't accept my name and administrator's password, nor any other name/password variation I can ever think to have used, thus leaving me utterly locked out of my computer. Naturally. At least I'm currently online with my laptop, but otherwise, I could chew and spit nails right now.
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