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Personal/Theology Notebook: Interviewing Bryan Massingale; Stroganoff; Filmmaking

The grad students had a fascinating lunch today with the candidate we're interviewing for a Moral Theology position, Fr. Bryan Massingale. If we don't get this guy, we are going to lose big-time. It's clear that a number of other schools are after him (including Notre Dame, which otherwise I'm all for--some shiftless person there told him that all the grad students here were psychologically-disturbed, so he should go to ND. Nice.), but I think we have a good chance as "fit" seems pretty good, although I imagine some other schools might be offering more for their salaries. This guy, though, looks to be one of the best in Catholic Social Ethics in the next generation--he's already a significant presence; enough to credibly propose ways of moving beyond some of the impasse in ethics of the Curran/McCormick/JP2 generation--and I haven't seen this kind of poise, depth and articulation in any candidate that we've interviewed for any position since I've been here. I think he'll be fabulous in the classroom, both for grads and undergrads. Damn. Shawnee swears by him: he's the guy who got her into Social Ethics. And he's a confessed Star Trek fan: how much more well-rounded can you get? I'm no Moral Theologian, but I learned today that this was a guy to watch for the future....

Other than that, a day largely consumed by grading. Had dinner with Shawnee, mostly talking shop while eating a dish I'd never had before--chicken stroganoff--as well as getting a short lesson on the history of stroganoff from Jay (the chef), who also made me taste the Irish Stew he was brewing for tomorrow (too lamb-y for me). I also discovered later in the evening that I may have set a law-school acquaintance that I talk with at the Brew off on the making of a continents-spanning documentary film for the summer just by a random suggestion the other day. He and a friend are now looking into grants from PBS and such places and speculating on the need for a filmmaker, so I gave them my former student Eric Houston's name and stepped back to watch the madness ensue....
Tags: ethical, food, friends-marquette era, marquette, movies/film/tv, personal, teachers, theological notebook

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