Novak (novak) wrote,

Personal: A Sweaty Day; Stinky Silk

Amazon, in a fit of security-ness, decided to send my new camera memory chip as a package I had to sign for, rather than one which could be dropped off. Having missed it on Saturday as I was coming back from my sister's, I had to follow the note's directions and be available today "from 2pm to 5pm." So I sat here all day, sweating like a fountain, and received the package finally at 5:50pm, just as I was heading out the door to pick up a prescription and retire at long last to the air-conditioned library where I would have been all this miserable day, otherwise. Mercifully, we've had something of a front move through, though the storm passed just to the north of us. I'm frantically reading history and art history now, cramming before the trip.

I wanted to wear this new silk crew neck shirt on the trip that I'd bought, but I can't get the blasted silk stink out of it. I risked spotting it up by shooting Fabreze all over it: no effect. Lots of random tips online, no consensus....
Tags: personal

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