Novak (novak) wrote,

Theological Notebook: Modernity Reading

The reading continues for background for the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture paper proposal:
"Towards a Theological Interpretation of Modernity"
"Modernity: A Sociological Perspective"
"Catholicism and Modernity: A Process of Mutual Exclusion"
"The Philosophical Critique of Modernity"
Even the essay titles are mouth-watering! Honestly, I love the historiography – the attempt to come to grips with the whole direction of an era – and the kind of wide vision it requires. This collection was the chief find of my bibliographical hunt last week: a volume called The Debate on Modernity put out by Concilium, the journal Karl Rahner was part of founding after the Second Vatican Council, that fit my needs exactly for background reading. I've been lucky enough to find it available at Amazon, and thus will shortly be able to mark it up at will. I'm not any closer to writing a proposal, though: I'm much more in the acquire-information and thought-churning stage. I'm thinking about it constantly, writing lines in my head, and re-writing as I learn more or perceive another angle to the question, and arguing with all the writers, but I've not yet convinced myself about my thesis, much less being ready to persuade Solomon at the Center. More on this over the next two weeks as the deadline approaches.
Tags: books, cultural, historical, historiography, philosophical, theological notebook, writing

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