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Personal: Superman Returns, and I return later...

Well, a late phone call from Diane found me careening across the city with her and Matt to take in a 10:15 showing of Superman Returns. Although very different from Superman as he's been written by DC for the last few decades, the story was a worthy picking up from the situation of 1980's Superman II, which was exactly what Bryan Singer was going for. That done, we found ourselves looking for an open restaurant at 1:30am, settling on Ma Fisher's, a north-side diner of the finest all-night sort that was just starting to jump with the North Avenue clubbers starting to stagger in for food and sobering. We had lots of movie talk and just general catching-up. I just got in and now I've got to stay up a few more hours, no matter how much I want to go bed, and let this meat loaf settle....
Tags: dc universe, food, friends-marquette era, movies/film/tv, personal

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