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Personal: Visiting Mom

Well, I'm still enjoying some quiet time visiting Mom for a few days. The joint birthday-party for the nieces went off smoothly on Saturday, with the perfect weather playing into Jim and Leslie's present of an inflated, netted-in castle - one of those kiddie jumping playhouses - for the girls. Once their three little cousins jumped in with them, the girls became more of a shrieking tribe. Naturally, Haley, being born without fear, began doing stunts as soon as she stopped being scared of the thing just being there. Cute pictures forthcoming upon my return to Milwaukee.

Otherwise, with Mom working during the day and leaving very early in the morning, we get some hours in the evening to hang together, mostly being low-key, debating the news, looking at some antiques or art or finding ourselves watching a documentary and letting our conversation follow. We talk about her work, or what I've been working on here. As I said, it's all very low-key, but entirely pleasant. I've also been speculating about the Geneva/Venice/Florence trip next month with her, and some of the things I'd particularly like to see. Erik has been forwarding me information of that sort, including the kind of civic life like Geneva's own free evening concerts, in the mode of Milwaukee's own Jazz in the Park.

Ayres' Nicaea and its Legacy is slow going, with lots of note-taking involved. So has been the ever-plodding work of adding to and correctig the dissertation bibliography. Tonight I've also started serious reading on modernity and post-modernity, its relation to Christianity and particularly with regard to the Second Vatican Council, with an eye toward a paper proposal for the Ethics and Culture Center this fall.

Strange emails the last few days. My advisor sends me instructions and a budget for hunting recent Green Lantern issues from his rural farm in the Commonwealth of Virginia. I found a note from a charming and daring girl apparently new to Milwaukee asking me out. Unfortunately for both of us, she sent it to my MySpace account in March and I only just opened it. Oops. Mere hours after reading out loud - and with considerable amusement - a note from my friend Julie enthusing about how the men in Tuscany are delighting her by wearing tight pants, Mom graciously insists on buying me a pair of "relaxed fit" Levis. Coincidence? I've also apparently ended up on a marketing list that has me targeted as an African-American woman. Maybe it was the bookshelves. It'll be easier to straighten everything out when I get home and off the dial-up.
Tags: books, dissertation, family, friends-marquette era, grace, haley, personal, random, teachers

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