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Personal: Strange Waking

Three distinct experiences this morning upon waking:

I woke from a set of dreams that were reasonably vivid and memorable, but seemed strangely like someone else's dreams when I thought of them: a teen boy and girl swimming together in the ocean, a little ways off a somewhat cliff-y or rocky coast, observing and talking about a walrus at sea; and a man explaining to his wife a story of dancing with another young woman, an acquaintance who worked in a shop he frequented, which helped inspire him to propose to his wife. None of it was connected in any way to a story, real or fictional, that I knew and so seemed strangely foreign as I woke. Finally, the one thing that did seem to let me see this as coming from some part of my experience was when I recognized most of the parts in the dream as being played by the similarly-cast actors from the Wilmington, North Carolina parts of the unjustly-canceled Surface. Odd.

I also woke to an overwhelming conviction that today was the day. That is, that today was the day where I needed to refresh myself on some of the chronology and particulars of ancient Roman history, particularly the collapse of the Republic and episodes like Sulla's returning to save the nation (the model, I was always convinced, by the way, for Ross Perot's ill-fated "Let's pretend to drop out and create a massive demand for my return that will carry me to the White House" plan). I can't think of any particular reason why that needed to be today or why it would have been, with the dreams mentioned above, at the forefront of my mind upon waking, but there it was. And down comes the old, undergraduate History of Rome from Michael Grant, still useful after all these years.

Lastly, I woke to an "Independence Day" sale advert in my email. The fact that this came from Oxford University Press I just thought kind of amusing. You know: Oxford. England. Independence Day. Right? Forget it.
Tags: books, dreams, historical, movies/film/tv, personal, political, random

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